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Wooden model boat and ship kits
Mantua Model Boats, Model Ships and Fittings Radio Control

Mantua Model UK Ltd, was formed in 1997 as part of the Mantua Model group of Italy one of the largest model manufacturers in the world, who manufacture all types of model boats, model aircraft and model car kits. Mantua Models produce many items, famous for there wooden model boats and radio controlled boats. The most famous is the H.M.S. Victory, we have four sizes in our model boats range, along with the Cutty Sark, Endeavour, H.M.S. Bounty and  Amerigo Vespucci to name but a few, along with radio control model boats in traditional build and blown plastic hulls. Mantua model produce one of the largest range of model boat fittings in the world consisting of deadeyes, blocks, stanchions and rigging ropes in fact all the parts needed to make these wooden model boats. Mantua Model are also well known for their model Aeroplanes made within the factory by Aviomodelli and Mantua, some of the aeroplane are semi pre-formed models with Duraflex fuselages and foam wings, and there is the traditional model planes in wood with laser cut parts and mainly semi scale model planes. Mantua model have also been producing model car kits for over 30 years with the first model car kit being a flat chassis model car kit, very basic but light and very fast. Mantua model then produced the first 1/8th model car kit the Maggiolino ( Beetle) with a pull start, .21 model engine. Mantua model now produce the famous range of OPS engines powering many model cars, planes and boats to world titles like Laro from France, Garbo racing and SG Racing from Italy. Mantua model offer all accessories to go along with their models and supply one of the largest ranges wood consisting of balsa wood from their plantation in Papua New Guinea a very white high quality Balsa wood along with Walnut, Mahogany, White Maple, Birch Plywood and lime wood.

We Distribute Mantua Model Products to Shops within Great Britain, please click on the model Shops tab to see your nearest stockist.


Postage charge   will be up to 10 = 3.50, up to 20 = 5.00, up to 50 = 8.00 Over 50 Postage is FREE, within Great Britain.


Deliveries Abroad  Please  e-mail us with your order and we will quote you including postage. Make sure you give your full address so we can price the postage correctly. Postage will be charged at cost. If outside the EU we will deduct UK Tax of 20%.

Click to view our latest full retail model price list

Todays Deals
(4700520) Aztec single action A320 22.00
Airbrushes - Compressors: Airbrushes: (4700520) Aztec single action A320

More details
4700520 Aztec sigle action A320 airbrush.This is an excellent air brush ideal for the hobby, crafts....

Price 22.00
(4700000) Mantua 350 Air Brush 11.75
Airbrushes - Compressors: Airbrushes: (4700000) Mantua 350 Air Brush

More details
4700000 Mantua 350 airbrush Single action. This is an excellent air brush ideal for the hobbyist, ha...

Price 11.75
(4700200) Mantua Dual Action 29.95
Airbrushes - Compressors: Airbrushes: (4700200) Mantua Dual Action

More details
4700200 Mantua dual action airbrush.This is an excellent air brush ideal for the hobby, crafts, comm...

Price 29.95
(4700300) Mantua Dual action 32.00
Airbrushes - Compressors: Airbrushes: (4700300) Mantua Dual action

More details
4700300 Mantua model dual action with top cup. This is an excellent air brush ideal for the hobby, c...

Price 32.00
Popular Products!
(OP82108) OPS Stock Car Pro 175.00
Engines: OPS Model Engines .21 +: (OP82108) OPS Stock Car Pro

More details
OPS Stock car Pro ,This engine has been the back bone of stock car racing for over 25 years. It has ...

Price 175.00
Stock Out of Stock
(741) Amerigo Vespucci 795.00
Model Boats: Panart model boats: (741) Amerigo Vespucci

More details
Amerigo Vespucci 741 Scale 1:84 Length 1250mm. Exact scale model of the famous school ship of the It...

Price 795.00
(OP89001) OPS Marine .90 385.00
Engines: OPS Model Marine engines: (OP89001) OPS Marine .90

More details
OPS MARINE 14.87cc-.90 engine is top of the range and is very popular either for competition or spor...

Price 385.00
(OP89005) NEW Bi-Metal 90 Marine 379.00
Engines: OPS Model Marine engines: (OP89005) NEW Bi-Metal 90 Marine

More details
OPS 89005 Brand new 90 bi metal marine engine in a 80 size crankcase so quite small and compact (886...

Price 379.00
Stock 2
Super Special!!
(OP89001) OPS Marine .90 385.00
Engines: OPS Model Marine engines: (OP89001) OPS Marine .90

More details
OPS MARINE 14.87cc-.90 engine is top of the range and is very popular either for competition or spor...

Price 385.00
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